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Online IT Solutions¬† Hyderabad provides the most outstanding Software’s coaching for distinct Computer SAP classes through class room coaching by real-time industry pros. We’re provided that SAP BI/BW teaching based on particular requirements of the pupils especially we’ll introduce innovative one- one Courses which has enormous opportunities in the current IT market. We supplies Class space course to compete with current competitive IT world. Learners will grasp the technology-topic from our highly experienced and experienced faculty that is assisting the student to operate in true period jobs. Learners can pick either routine courses /fast track courses /weekend Training courses. It is proud to be we’re among those summit top SAP BI and BW class room coaching supplier from Online IT Solutions has taken good measures in supplying best class room coaching. We Supply Job service & Interview support.

Online IT Solutions institute provides the premium excellent SAP BW/ BI Class Room Coaching that empower member to grasp an understanding of this finish-finish information warehousing & structure. There’s full time technical assistance and access to movie tutorials and uncertainty clearance sessions & interactive live sessions. Student is going to learn from the specialist faculties who’ve most outstanding industry expertise. SAP BW simulating, Transformation /scheduler/ / Data schema/ / Data store thing / data cube & SAP BW reporting are contained in a variety of modules. Participants are given detailed study notes & certificate advice to be self-confidently ready for the examination. And additionally, 100% placement assistance is given to the students seeking employment in the IT business.

Unit 1: Introduction

  • Evolution of HANA Landscape
  • SAP HANA Basics
  • SAP NetWeaver BW 4

Unit 2: SAP HANA and Business Strategy

  • Identifying Transformational Opportunities
  • Understanding Your Needs, Enterprise Needs, Data Needs
  • Working with Existing Solutions: SAP HANA versus SAP NetWeaver BWA
  • Does SAP HANA Replace BWA?
  • Pros and Cons of BWA
  • Pros and Cons of SAP HANA

Unit 3: HANA-optimized DataStore Object and InfoCube

  • HANA-Optimized DataStore Object
  • HANA-Optimized InfoCube
  • Semantically Partitioned Object

Unit 4: SAP HANA modeling

  • Purpose of Information Modeler
  • Levels of Modeling in SAP HANA
  • Attribute Views
  • Analytic Views
  • Calculation Views
  • Export & Import

Unit 5: MODELING of SAP BW 7.4 with SAP HANA

  • Models in SAP BW 4
  • Data Extraction and Data Flow within SAP BW 7.4 NW 2004S
  • New Data source Concept of BW 4
  • Transformation in BW 4(ETL)
  • DTP (Data Transfer Process)
  • FROM 3.X TO BW 4
  • Business Content UPGRADING DATAFLOWS
  • Administration of InfoCubes and Aggregates
  • Virtual Cubes and Multi Providers

Unit 6: Consuming HANA Models in BW

  • Virtual Provider
  • Transient Provider
  • Composite Provider
  • DB Connect
  • Importing SAP BW models in SAP HANA
  • Importing HANA optimize infocubes
  • Importing HANA optimize DSO


  • ECC Extractions Using BI BW 7.4 Dataflow
  • Overview of ECC6.0
  • Generic Extractions
  • Business Content Extractions
  • LO-COCK PIT Extractions (LOGISTICS)


  • Introduction to BI Enterprise Reporting
  • Navigating in Reports
  • First Steps in Query Designer
  • Key Figures
  • Attributes
  • Exceptions and Conditions

Unit 09: Transporting Objects (CTO)


UNIT 1: Hybrid provider

UNIT 2: Generic delta functionalities for further types of Data Sources

UNIT 3: Hierarchies

UNIT 4: Data Transfer Process (DTP) UNIT 5: Open Hub Service

UNIT 6: Transformation

UNIT 7: SAP BODS (New ETL Tool of SAP) Integration

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